*'''[ Auric Hearthguard]:''' These are probably the best unit in the Fyreslayer list. The normal Dorfs have Irondrakes, who are almost universally acknowledged as one of the most powerful ranged units in the game. Auric Hearthguard are about as killy with their great big Magmapikes, which make them halfway decent in melee and utter murder at range, with 2 shots each at 4+/3+/-1/1, Keep in mind now that most ranged units lose efficacy if they move or enemies are too close. Auric Hearthguard doesn't. They can charge right in and finish the job if their shots only almost killed something. And in addition, they can use their shots to trap enemy monsters in magma, halving their movement and lowering their Hit rolls.
**Totally disagree, with their 4+ to hit they are one of the last unit that do not hit on 3+ in the army, for the same price you can have Hearthguard Berzerkers that have a 4+ FnP, hit on 3+ and have flat 2 damage. They are a good support (especially against monsters where they gain a nasty +1 damage) and they can protect heroes (intercept wounds on 4+) but they will struggle to hit enemy heroes with the -1 to hit from Look Out Sire!, <s>you have no way of making them battlelines </s> (Wrong, Runemaster as General), they do not benefit from some of our runes that affect only melee weapons and they will die fast in close combat.
*'''[ Hearthguard Berzerkers]:''' (120 pts, min 5, 400 pts, max 20) Per the new Battletome, Hearthguard Berzerkers may have arguably seen the biggest improvement out of the whole book. Hearthguard have a nifty ability to ignore wounds and mortals wounds on 6's, and this is increased to 4's when they are within 10" of another Fyreslayer hero. In addition, Hearthguard come with two wounds and two attacks base on all their weapons along with 2" reach. Their Berzerker Broadaxe has better Rend and damage than the Flamestrike Poleaxe, but the Poleaxe has the potential to deal 2 Mortal Wounds on top of normal damage on 6's to hit. Poleaxes are better against 2+/3+ saves and marginally worse against 4+, where Broadaxes start overtaking them. Overall, a very powerfull unit that surpasses Vulktite Berzerkers, while maybe lacking some of the reliability of Vulkites thanks to their better armour save in combat and ability to attack after perishing. The Hearthguard Berzerkers are there to smash through any enemy lines and tank enemy attacks with their extra save after the save. Always remember to keep a hero nearby at all times as they lose a lot of their surviability without it.