Age of Sigmar/Tactics/Order/Fyreslayers

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All the troops, independently from their equipment can take throwing axes. Which you should always do since it gives you additional attacks at range without paying more for the unit!!!
*'''[ Vulkite Berzerkers]:''' (140 pts, min 10, max 30) Your standard ''Battleline'' unit. After their update they now have got two wounds and now have an ability that allows them to, once per battle, pile in and attack after being slain in the combat phase. this is ''huge''. if you're gonna be charged by a really powerfull enemy unit, crack this to still get the full attacks of your Berzerkers. In addtion, you can charge a powerful unit, fight, and then ''then the models your enemies kill can fight again.'' This has to be activated at the begining of the combat phase so don't forget it. In addition they now hit on 3's for all their weapons (except their Fyreseeel Fyresteel Throwing Axes, lol) so overall they arguably lost some durability, as they lost their Save-after-the-Save (though arguable, as they have two wounds now), but gained a large increase in damage output. One in five models can have a Horn of Grimnir which adds 1 to charge rolls. Would be especially nice when combined with Runeson on Magmadroth's command ability to roll 3 dice and pick the best two. They come with several different load outs for the whole unit:
**Bladed Slingshield and Handaxe or War-pick: the axes and picks are pretty similar, with the axes wounding better and the picks having Rend -1. The shields, on the other hand, grant you better saves in melee when they have not charged AND can cause mortal wounds on a charge, which is unreliable, but potentially powerful. Stats wise handaxes are better against 5+ and equal against 4+, but don't forget we have a prayer that give rerolls to wounds rolls, which makes the War-picks far superior, so good choice in a big buffed unit.
**Two Handaxes: Unlike most units with these options, Vulkite Berzerkers with two weapons get to reroll all failed To Hit rolls, not just 1s, so these make your Dorfs much killier outright.
** If you're planning on a minimum unit of Vulkites, take the shields to have a better chance at surviving combat. Also, don't forget that they have a suicide ability but it is only once per game. So you better be sure you use it wisely and not to waste it on combats you know you'll win.
**Other philosophy is Shields for 20+ man units to tank objectives while 10 man units have dual axes for better damage output.
**Overall, the Vulkite Berzerkers fulfill the role that they have to: <s>even though they are a little bit expensive at 160 points</s> much better at 140 pts with the last FAQ (as they have a watered down version of the No Respite ability of the Khornate Blood Warriors, and there is no point discount for having a lot of them)</s> much better at 140 pts with the last FAQ, their superior damage output (rending attacks and mortal wounds on the charge) and overall army synergies (several ways of improving both their damage and survivability) put them exactly where they should be.
*'''[ Auric Hearthguard]:''' These are probably the best unit in the Fyreslayer list. The normal Dorfs have Irondrakes, who are almost universally acknowledged as one of the most powerful ranged units in the game. Auric Hearthguard are about as killy with their great big Magmapikes, which make them halfway decent in melee and utter murder at range, with 2 shots each at 4+/3+/-1/1, Keep in mind now that most ranged units lose efficacy if they move or enemies are too close. Auric Hearthguard doesn't. They can charge right in and finish the job if their shots only almost killed something. And in addition, they can use their shots to trap enemy monsters in magma, halving their movement and lowering their Hit rolls.