Age of Sigmar/Tactics/Order/Fyreslayers

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Basic strategies of Fyreslayers
Be careful with objectives, your dawi are strong but not fast so even if you have an unstopable unit of buffed HGB that control the center this is useless if your opponent can take the rest of the table and avoid your deathstar.
And by now I hope you have noticed an important detail that comes up often, <b> HEROES </b>. Without them your unstopable HGB unit just become a 5+/6++ unit that is not worth the points, your LotL battalion is useless and you don't have access to prayer and magmic invocation.
Heroes are the keys to a Fyreslayer army, and your opponent know it!
So you have to protect them, especially from shooting and magic (especially against beware of armies like skaven, ossiarch...). Use the terrain, or place them on magmadroth whatever but <b> do not let them die</b>.
==Allied Armies==