Age of Sigmar/Tactics/Order/Fyreslayers

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First things to buy
===First things to buy===
One or two start collecting and at least four boxes of HGB to have the unit of 20HGB, a runesmiter on foot and one on a magmadroth, and a runefather on a foot and one on a magmadroth.
Of course the forge is really important (obviously because it's free so no reason to not take it), and the magmic invocations are good but not a most have to begin with.
For heroes you <b><u>need</u></b> a battlesmith, the grimwrath berserker is also a good unit but again not a must have, same for the doomseeker.
The Runmaster is not really good by himself but you need it for the Lord of the Lodge batallion so good to have one.