Age of Sigmar/Tactics/Order/Fyreslayers

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*''Command Trait'': Wholly within 12” can run and charge in same turn.
*''Artifact of Power'': improve rend by 1 and on unmodified 6 plus one dmg to one melee weapon
** Clearly the best Lodge we have, reducing Reducing the greatest weakness of the army. The only question (speed) is to choose between this Lodge really good, but most player actually go for Hermdar because of the command ability and the really Warlord trait. Still a very good traits/artefacts we can pick without a Lodgelodge.
*''Command Trait'': -1 wound rolls for attack against general and units wholly within 12”
*''Artifact of Power'': pick a weapon, re-roll wound rolls that target enemy heroes if unmodified hit is 6 then 1 MW in addition to normal dmg
**Tanky Objective Campers: The Most Used Lodge, because with the command ability and the warlord trait you just have an even more resilient HGB blob that can almost always fight first, and even fight two time in a raw with the Lord of the Lodge bataillon.