Age of Sigmar/Tactics/Death/Flesh-Eater Courts

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Unlike the versions in Grand Alliance: Death, the warscrolls for this army actually have the Flesh-Eater Courts keywords and are thus susceptible to the awesome buffs you dish out. Never forget that, as it gives you an enormous edge.
*'''Royal Terrorgheist:''' It's powerful, with its Shriek being downright terrifying. (Optional Battline: if Gristlegore 300) <s>3D6 minus Bravery mortal wounds, eh? That'll halve a Liberator unit on average.</s> Unfortunately, someone at GW noticed just how powerful this was and now it's 6+D6 minus Bravery Mortal Wounds. And while this has dramatically cut down on the maximum damage, it has also made it much more reliable. They also decided to make the Terrorgheist's regeneration dependent on having a Ghoul King of any kind close by, but in exchange , they gave it a better 4+ save and even stronger attacks than before. It also explodes into a bunch of mortal wounds when it dies, which can make your opponent hesitate to finish it off, at which point it will regenerate and eat his sorry ass. In short, a Terrorgheist has the works: High flying Move, lots of wounds with a good save, very high damage, a dangerous shriek and if run alongside a mounted Ghoul King, great regen.
**This is Battline if you're playing Gristlegore. Just show up to a 2000 point game with 7 models on the table and smile at your opponent.
*'''Royal Zombie Dragon:''' (Optional Battline: if Gristlegore 300) Don't. Scroll way up. Play this thing with the Ghoul King on top. Seriously, the Ghoul King adds so much to this thing it isn't funny. As in, another melee profile, powerful regeneration, magic , and a Command Ability.
**Except in the case of Gristlegore when this thing becomes Battleline. BATTLELINE DRAGONS. It's like the weird lovechild of Beastclaw Raiders and Order Draconis!