Age of Sigmar/Tactics/Death/Flesh-Eater Courts

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*'''Abhorrant Archregent:''' (240pts) Essentially a souped-up footslogger Ghoul King. Has an extra wound and attacks, but his major advantage over the vanilla one is his magic, with the ability to cast an extra spell and a variant of the Ghoul King's spell that grants d3 attacks. Also heals a flat three wounds per turn. He also combines the summoning abilities of all the different Abhorrent Ghoul Kings. He can either summon a unit of 20 Ghouls, 3 KNIGHTS or a Courtier. This adds a degree of flexibility mid-game. If you take one, place him close to the (free) charnel throne to use his summon ability without paying a CP. Remember, he is NOT a dedicated fighting hero, but he can do some work. Try not to risk him in melee. His support value is just too good. He's basically a direct upgrade over a foot Ghoul King. And don't forget, he can regenerate 3 wounds. The Ghoul King's a cockroach? Fuck that noise. This guy will never die unless your opponent truly commits to murdering him off the board. Remember, his command ability is crazy versatile. Use it wisely, according to the situation at hand.
**Also, remember that as his spell and the normal foot Ghoul King's are different, they stack. A potential 4 extra attacks on a unit is ruinous, especially with feeding frenzy.