Age of Sigmar/Tactics/Order/Fyreslayers

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changed the suggestion that battlesmith was strong for Auric Hearthguard as it only benefits them in melee.
** If the Runemaster is your general, you get Battleline Auric Hearthguard, which combined with the Auric Runesmiter, can bring nasty ranged surprise to your opponents.
*'''[ Battlesmith]:''' '''Totem'''. (140 pts) Must have in any list. In terms of killyness, the Battlesmith is not your best unit (although he can still pack some punch in melee combat), but that's okay because he's a support Hero and support he does. Now he gives to all units wholly within 12" +1 save, which is awesome. With the inherent save-after-the-save that some of your units get, you'll actually be one of the best-protected armies of the game! Other Standard Bearers have to be immobile for their ability to work, but the Battlesmith only makes you unable to retreat, a very minor drawback. When he dies, all Fyreslayers wholly within 12" can decide not to move away and protect his banner, meaning they have to stand still but get to reroll all To Hit and To Wound rolls. If you think this sounds perfect for Auric Hearthguard, you are completely rightmelee attacks.
*'''[ Doomseeker]:''' (100 pts) Basically, he's an alternative to Grimwrath Berzerkers, and at a glance, it seems that the Doomseeker is the inferior of the two: they have the same saves, but the Doomseeker has one less wound, one less bravery, Rend -1 instead of Rend -2, and lack of any form of FNP... Ouch. His gimmick is that he gets stronger the more he gets damaged, and he has two more total attacks, which makes him quite effective at killing weak foes. His Battle Fury, Oathbound, never fails, but only works on one enemy. Overall, way less tankier that the Berzerker, but when wounded, his damage potential is higher. With the new Grand Fyrd, pick up him and a Grimwrath Berzerker, and just go to town. If he's not in melee killing things and getting wounded, he's worthless. So, what's the verdict? if you only have space for one of them in your army, pick the Berzerker. If you can take two, toss him in.