Age of Sigmar/Tactics/Death/Flesh-Eater Courts

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*'''[ Crypt Ghouls]:''' '''Battleline''' Your basic infantry and not too shabby, all things considered, especially since just about everything in this army either makes these little guys better or allows you to toss more of them onto the board. They get two attacks each with a third if the unit's big enough and they have a 6+ save, which may sound bad but is actually pretty good because that means unlike, say, Zombies, Ghouls can actually make use of <s>cover and</s> Mystic Shield. If you want to capitalize on Ghouls, just remember to bring some Crypt Ghast Courtiers to keep your units nice and big and remember that all in all, the save-after-the-save buff of the Terrorgheist-Ghoul King is probably better than a simple Mystic Shield at keeping your Ghouls on the board longer.
'''grymwatch:''' [disclaimer! They aren't serf, but being basically different ghouls i put them here for make my work easier] at a first look this guys are the looser version of the ghouls. 5 of them attack with bone weapons (1",2A,4+,4+,/,1D) and the bats with their fangs (1",d6A,4+,4+,/,1D). Their attacks are quite bad indeed, but then you read their abilities and everything change. This guy's weapons deal 2 damage instead of on Monsters. You are probably playing them in a Flesh-eater army, so there are many ways to get extra attacks and attack twins in combat phase. This guys then turn into a really good unit of monsters slayer, with the only downside of don't have rend at all. Also, their second ability is to take wounds at a 4+ instead of their hero, the Duke. Consider to use them as a health bar, because only the Duke is a incredible monsters slayer all of his own.
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