Age of Sigmar/Tactics/Death/Flesh-Eater Courts

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'''Duke Crackmarrow: '''added to the game Beastgrave not too much ago, you have to take this guy and his band (the grymwatch that we will analyze later) for 120 points. While those bands usually suck when used into normal battles, this guy are really good in what they do. The Duke had a fine weapon, the halberd (2",3A,3+,3+,-1,2D) who make him a good hero killer, but a really terrifying monsters killer, adding one to his damage if he attack monster. If you play him into a Flesh-eater court army, you add many ways to give him extra attacks with spells and also make him attack again. Don't get fooled, if rightly buffed this guy can take down many monsters in one turn. Also, he can easily Resurrect his companion, rolling six dices and for every 2+ Resurrect a model. This mean that you will probably refill the unit even if just a guy survived. Note also that you can use them in every army as mercenary, and this isn't such a bad idea.
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