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Requesting Arbitration - Lovecraft Edit War
You know what? Sure, ban me and undo all my edits. If this is the kind of content to be expected from "the higher ups", the main editors, if Triacom and Newerfag not only have said they're SJWs and want to make their content unfair to opposing views because of "balance fallacies", if you want to come at me calling arguments against whining "bad faith", if you want to use an actual buzzword, "sealioning", against me, the same one used by actual SJWs against their opposition, and if you two make up so much content on this site, it's not even worth trying to salvage. I'm pissing in the wind against people who never intended to actually argue or discuss things in the first place, just get their way, kick neutral POVs to the curb, and curtail anyone who would even dare argue against their eminence and such enlightened facts, such as the Cthulhu Mythos relying solely on racism for its existence. I gave it a go, and at least the Talk pages will stay up as proof of what direction content's heading in if those users keep forcing their way onto others. Can't argue, that's sealioning. Can't dispute, that's disingenuous. Can't be neutral, that's false balance. Can't try to defend your side, they'll flail around until you're banned. Either way, who gives a fuck? If I'm a sealion, then I'm jumping ship. It isn't worth it anymore. Adios. [[User:TheBadageBoys|TheBadageBoys]] ([[User talk:TheBadageBoys|talk]]) 01:54, 21 October 2019 (UTC)
:All this whining, and you could have just walked away like an adult. Go and tell your /pol/ack friends not to waste our time any further, will you?--[[User:Newerfag|Newerfag]] ([[User talk:Newerfag|talk]]) 02:04, 21 October 2019 (UTC)