Age of Sigmar/Tactics/Order/Fyreslayers

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**If you think Fyreslayers are too weak and limited because they don't have any Wizards, artillery, long-range shooters and whatnot, just take a Auric Runesmiter and twenty Auric Hearthguard. The first turn, emerge from a tunnel 18" to that unit you think is unfair, then shoot 40 blasts of lava at it, and watch how it melts. Now, which is the unfair army? Remember to position well both the Guard and the Runesmiter: if your opponent can't kill all of the Guard in his turn, then in yours you can give them re-roll to Wound with the Runesmiter (or any other prayer of your choosing), and watch them maim something again! Vulkite Berzerkers also work well with the Auric Runesmiter, because with their musician they add 1 to charge rolls, which is still good. Riskier than just using Auric Hearthguard, yes, but they are cheaper and much less squishy in great numbers.
** invocations now also lets your Auric Runemaster drop a lava dragon on the enemy likey when they are the most bunched up.
** Another bit of fun: the Magmic tunnelling ability just says Fyreslayers, so if you want, you can deepstrike a Magmadroth. while it might not be the best option, it can certainly be fun and act as a distraction carnifex. plus, the look on your opponent's face when a magmadroth shows up on their side of the board is hilarious.
*'''[ Auric Runeson]:''' (100 pts) As it says on the tin, it's a Runeson without the Magmadroth. This also means that you really should not give this version the Javelin, because he doesn't have the Magmadroth's melee to fall back to. May be worth taking a pair and bubblewrapping them with Hearthguard Berserkers - the Runesons will get to re-roll To Hits rolls from being within 6" of each other, the Hearthguard will get a 4+ ignore wounds which you opponent will need to remove both of your runesons to get rid of, and the Hearthguard are excellent targets for the Runeson's command ability, which has been updated to give a friendly Fyreslayers unit wholly within 12" +1 to wound. So more general choppiness for everyone in both shooting and combat.
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