Age of Sigmar/Tactics/Order/Fyreslayers

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*'''[ Fjul-Grimnir]:''' (200 pts) The leader of the Chosen Axes from Shadespire. Required to be taken together and thus should be considered together. On his own, he's basically a Runefather with no throwing axes (same weapon, same abilities). Unlike the Runefather, if he's within 3 of his Chosen Axes, he has 5+ FNP save. Unfortunately, his Chosen Axes are ludicrously easy to delete and will thus almost never be worth the points to take them and Fjul over just a normal Runefather and some more Vulkite's. Pass.
*'''Bael-Grimnir on Flamespitter:''' (300 Pts) This count also as '''Behemoth'''. New named character from the June 2019 issue of [[White Dwarf]], which uses the Auric Runefather on Magmadroth model. Must be '''VOSTARG''' Lodge. Statwise the only difference between this and the vanilla Runefather is an additional melee attack with the Grandaxe, but going on he can break enemy weapons on a 5+ rather than on a 6, can negate wounds (mortal or not) on a 6 roll and the Magmadroth's Fyrestream gets a +6" range if it didn't move that turn. His command ability takes a friendly '''VOSTARG HERO''' within 12" and makes it istantly pileup and attack on a 4+ roll (can't be used twice on the same Hero in the same turn)