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Allegiance Traits
*'''Court of Delusions:''' With this, you get to choose an ability for your entire army before choosing your command trait. Can drastically alter how you play your army, so choose...carefully.
#'''Crusading Army:''' You can add 1 to run and charge rolls for Flesh Eater Courts units. Solid, and can add up to a few extra made charges over the course of a game. Somewhat weaker than before, no free re-rolls unlike last time. However, still extremely Still solid, not but pales a bad alternative bit in comparison to the grand Courts The Feast Day (Will be discussed below).#'''The Royal Hunt:''' Your entire army can reroll hit and wound rolls of 1 but only when attacking monsters. Decent. Extremely Ok, but extremely dependent on your opponent’s army(and by extension, your local meta). The main problem being that many of your units have innate access to re-rolls, such as crypt Horrors or ghouls, while Zombie Dragon Ghoul Kings could potentially cover re-rolling wound rolls. However, it’s definitely good better with your big monsters and Crypt Flayers, who have less access to re-rolls. #'''The Feast Day:''' You can use the Feeding Frenzy command ability without spending a command point once per turn. Incredible. Also note that it doesn't specify a specific turn in which it applies... so you can use the command ability during your opponents turn once for free as well! You will always get mileage out of this one. Generally tied with Crusading army for By far best all-round delusion (once again excluding Grand Courts, but more on that below). It used to be so bad, but it’s now a great choice if you wish to save command points for other things, such as summoning more mordants or the generic ones.
#'''A Matter of Honour:''' Your units can reroll hit rolls of 1 when targeting heroes. If it's the enemy general you can reroll wound rolls of 1 too. Much more universal than Royal Hunt, so worth a look. Good choice, especially since it applies to your whole army. It’s generally a nice bonus, but might depend on what your opponent brings.
#'''The Grand Tournament:''' Heroes other than your general can reroll hit rolls of 1. It is specific and obviously only useful if you've got a bunch of heroes, but if that's the army you're running then it can hurt a lot. If you are running an Archregent, Foot AGK or Courtier General and at least one (two+ preferred) mounted AGKs, this could be worth it. Consider your heroes. The mounted AGKs will benefit a lot from this. Your foot AGKs are solid fighters, but remember that your Haunter Courtier is unlikely benefit much from this. Same with the Varghulf Courtier, both of whom usually have innate re-rolls. Overall, an honestly strong choice if you bring a lot of mounted AGKs. Not as much utility as The Feast Day or Crusading Army, but re-rolling those dreadful ones with your mounted Terrorgheist’s Fanged Maw is amazing.
#'''Defenders of the Realm:''' Reroll saves of 1 for all units with at least half of their models in your territory. Since you don't have much in the way of long-range attacks, you're probably going to need to be aggressive, so this won't be useful. Running this with King's Ghouls and two 40 Ghoul blocks could make for a more defensive army. Even if you have to be defensive, this isn’t that strong. Your units have weak saves across the board. HOWEVER, if you are really dead set on this, then consider what units will benefit most from it. Ghouls are unlikely to benefit much, but your monsters and ABHORRANTS will, with their solid 4+ saves. Once again, a somewhat situational delusion, but definitely has its uses.
The best delusions would probably be Crusading Army, delusion is The Feast Day, by far. Crusading Army and maybe The Grand Tournament, in no particular ordermight be worth a look depending on your list. ItThe others tend to be too situational or don's just t offer anything else that these Delusions give the strongest overall bonuses that are useful in almost any situationFEC don't have access to via other means.
===Grand Courts===
*'''Command Trait: Savage Strike'''
This general fights at the start of the combat phase before the players pick any other units to fight in that combat phase on a turn they made a charge(via faqGHB2019 FAQ). This general cannot fight again in that combat phase unless an ability or spell allows it to fight more than once. This is exactly why Abhorrant Ghoul King on Terrorgheist generals are so powerful. It takes priority even in your opponent’s combat phase, which is insane because you can still use Feeding Frenzy. Once again, try not to cheese with this too much or you’ll literally be That Guy. There’s good reason why the FEC Start Collecting got sold out at LGS because of Legions of Nagash players.
*'''Artifact: Ghurish Mawshard'''