Age of Sigmar/Tactics/Death/Flesh-Eater Courts

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Gristlegore Grand Court
*'''Command Trait: Savage Strike'''
This general fights at the start of the combat phase before the players pick any other units to fight in that combat phase on a turn they made a charge(via faq). This general cannot fight again in that combat phase unless an ability or spell allows it to fight more than once. This is exactly why Abhorrant Ghoul King’s in King on Terrorgheist generals are so powerful. It takes priority even in your opponent’s combat phase, which is insane because you can still use Feeding Frenzy. Once again, try not to cheese with this too much or you’ll literally be That Guy. There’s good reason why the FEC Start Collecting got sold out at LGS because of Legions of Nagash players.
*'''Artifact: Ghurish Mawshard'''