Age of Sigmar/Tactics/Order/Fyreslayers

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*'''[ Fjul-Grimnir]:''' (200 pts) The leader of the Chosen Axes from Shadespire. Required to be taken together and thus should be considered together. On his own, he's basically a Runefather with no throwing axes (same weapon, same abilities). Unlike the Runefather, if he's within 3 of his Chosen Axes, he has 5+ FNP save. Unfortunately, his Chosen Axes are ludicrously easy to delete and will thus almost never be worth the points to take them and Fjul over just a normal Runefather and some more Vulkite's. Pass.
*New Unique character* Bael-Grimnir on Flamespitter(300 Pts) Is a single Model armed with Hrathling and Fyresteel throwing axes.14W/4S/8B/*M, MOUNT: Flamespitter attack’s with Claws and horns,Blazing Maw and Roaring Fyrestream(Flamespitter has All Magmadroth Abilities) ABILITIES: Furious Endurance-Roll a dice each time you allocate a wound or mortal wound on this model. On a 6 that wound or mortal wound is negated,Roaring Fyrestream, Lashing Tail, Volcanic Blood, Stare down, Hrathling(Better Version of “Weapon-Breaker” goes off on a 5+ instead of a 6+), Flamespitter’s Fury-Add 6” the range characteristic of Roaring Fyrestream if this Model did not move in the movement phase of the same turn. COMMAMD ABILITIES: Runefather’s Favour- You can use this command ability at the start of YOUR hero phase, If you do so pick 1 friendly VOSTARG HERO within 12” of this model,other than this model and roll a dice. On a 4+ that HERO can immediately pile-in and attack
With all of its melee weapons it is armed with. You cannot pick the same HERO to benefit from
This ability more than once per hero phase. Bael-Grimnir is the leader of The VOSTARG LODGE and would be an amazing addition to any VOSTARG Fyreslayer army. Flamespitters DAMAGE TABLE is the same as the other Magmadroths DAMAGE TABLE.
“Found in White Dwarfs June 2019 under Issue Celestial Tome”
Min cost: 680
“””Bael-Grimnir on Flamespitter, 1 VOSTARG Auric Runemaster(Vaegor),1 VOSTARG Battlesmith, 1 unit of VOSTARG Hearthguard Berzerkers”””
Strength In Tradition- Once per Battle round, a HERO from this Battalion can use a command ability without a command point being spent. Use this with Bael-Grimnir’s ability and you get a free command point and free attack...on a Grimwrath Berzerker with a Vosaxe that’s 4 Attacks,3 hit,3 wound,3 Rend and 2 possibly 3 Damage!!
“Found in White Dwarfs June 2019 Issue under Celestial Tome”
Min Cost: 580
“””1 VOSTARG Auric Runeson and 3 units of VOSTARG Vulkite Berzerkers”””
Mighty Deeds And Blazing Oaths- Add 1 to the Attack characteristic of melee weapons used by VULKITE BERZERKERS units in this Battalion while they are wholly within 12” of this Battalion’s AURIC RUNESON. Just an insane Warband Battalion imagine 1 unit of 30 Vulkites making 90 Attacks on another Unit INSANE!!!!!!!
“Found in White Dwarfs June 2019 Issue under Celestial Tome “
Min Cost:480
“””1 VOSTARG Auric Runesmiter(Dhurgan ) and 3 units of VOSTARG Auric Hearthguard”””
Heir Of The Fyreheart Temple- If a friendly unit of AURIC HEARTHGUARD from this Battalion is wholly within 12” of Dhurgan when he uses his Magmic Prayer of Runic Empowerment the Prayer is answered on a 2+ instead of a 3+
“Found in White Dwarfs June 2019 Issue under Celestial Tome.”
Min Cost:2420 or 2520 with Doomseeker
“””1 Vostarg Lords Of The Lodge, 2 Vostarg Warrior Kinband’s, 1 Vostarg Forge Brethren,1 Grimwrath Berzerker(Arngard),0-1 DOOMSEEKERS
Ancestral Fury-You can add 1 to Hit rolls for units in this Battalion,In addition, if the target is a CHAOS unit, you can Re-Roll Wound Rolls of 1 for Melee Attacks. These new Warband Battalions are making it really hard to pick other Lodges!
===Hajkarl's Sons of Fortune (Start Collecting)===
'''''An Auric Runefather on Magmadroth, an Auric Runesmiter, an Auric Runeson and a unit of Vulkite Berzerkers.'''''
'''''A Lords of the Lodge battalion, 2 Warrior Kinband battalions, and a Forge Brethren battalion. Doomseeker and Grimwrath optional'''''
When you roll to activate an Ur-Gold rune, it has the enhanced effect on a 5+, not just a six.
===Arngard's Berzerker Fyrd===