Age of Sigmar/Tactics/Death/Flesh-Eater Courts

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Allegiance Traits
*'''Court of Delusions:''' With this, you get to choose an ability for your entire army before choosing your command trait. Can drastically alter how you play your army, so choose...carefully.
#'''Crusading Army:''' You can add 1 to run and charge rolls for Flesh Eater Courts units. Very very nastySolid, and can add up to a lot of few extra made charges over the course of a game. Somewhat weaker than before, no free re-rolls unlike last time. However, still extremely solid, great not a bad alternative to the grand Courts (Will be discussed below)
#'''The Royal Hunt:''' Your entire army can reroll hit and wound rolls of 1 but only when attacking monsters. Decent. Extremely dependent on your opponent’s army. The main problem being that many of your units have innate access to re-rolls, such as crypt Horrors or ghouls, while Zombie Dragon Ghoul Kings could potentially cover re-rolling wound rolls. However, it’s definitely good with your big monsters and Crypt Flayers, who have less access to re-rolls.
#'''The Feast Day:''' You can use the Feeding Frenzy command ability without spending a command point once per turn. Incredible. You will always get mileage out of this one. Generally tied with Crusading army for best all-round delusion (once again excluding Grand Courts, but more on that below). It used to be so bad, but it’s now a great choice if you wish to save command points for other things, such as summoning more mordants or the generic ones.