Age of Sigmar/Tactics/Death/Flesh-Eater Courts

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Lore of Madness
*'''Deranged Transformation''' Casts on a 6. This one is... actually pretty good!. It adds a unit's wounds to their move, as long as it's less than 7 wounds. Suddenly a unit of flayers gets +4 move, and that's really rather cool. Similar to Spectral Host, and just like it, you can target 3 units if you roll a 10+. Very good, albeit situational compared to Spectral host. You need to build your list around this. Your Horrors and flayers will benefit a LOT from this. Gaining 4 inches move is no joke, and significantly increases your threat range. Deranged Transformation needs to be considered properly. Horrors will appreciate this the most, as you can now pick and choose your favored targets.
*'''Blood Feast''' Casts on a 7, pick an enemy within 12 of the caster, and a friendly within 6 of themthat unit. D3 mortals to the baddies, d6 on a 10+. The friendly heals for 1 for each wound done, or if they only have 1 wound, aka ghouls, you can bring back that many dead dudes. Pretty solid spell, and a good way to keep your big scary dragons in fighting form!
==Endless Spells==
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