Age of Sigmar/Tactics/Death/Flesh-Eater Courts

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Command Traits
#'''Savage Beyond Reason:''' Unmodified hit rolls of 6 explode into 2 automatic hits. This is great. Your Haunter Courtier has multi damage weapons that will love exploding dice, and your Varghulf Courtier will go nuts with this, thanks to his insanely high damage output, while your Infernal Courtier will certainly appreciate this.
#'''Hulking Brute:''' Add 1 to your general's wounds. Not bad. But generally quite unimpressive compared to the other options.
#'''Cruel Taskmaster:''' You can re-roll the dice when using the Muster ability. Less potent for a Ghast Courtier, since ghouls are regenerated on a 2+. However, this is a godsend for Haunter or Infernal Courtiers, since a re-rollable 5+ is technically equivalent to a 4+. Keep in mind that any dice can be rerolled, including successful rolls, so that Varghulf Courtier who brought back a bunch of ghouls can actually reroll the dice and fish for 5s and 6s. A very good trait. *<i>Actually</i>, if you reroll, you must reroll ALL the dice. So more of a safety net if you roll terribly than a constantly reliable trait.
#'''Dark Acolyte:''' You're a WIZARD, Harry! A flesh-eating and completely insane one, too. You also get to cast 1 spell, unbind 1 and know the Black Hunger spell. This is another insanely strong trait. Being a FLESH-EATER COURTS WIZARD means that you can cast Endless Spells, and you also know one spell from the Lore of Madness (More on that later). This is extremely good, but since feed on Dark Magic only triggers if an '''ABHORRANT''' casts a spell, it falls short in that regard.
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