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Notable Chaplains
==Notable Chaplains==
*'''Varnus''': An [[Ultramarines]] Chaplain whose defining deed (making him a potential Mary Sue (IT WAS [[AWESOME]] NONETHELESS)) is single-handedly [[AWESOME|pwning a fuck-mothering]] [[Bloodthirster|BLOODTHIRSTER]]. Needless to say, [[Khorne]] was very [[RAGE|salty]].
*'''[[Asmodai]]''': Interrogator-Chaplain of the [[Dark Angels]]. A major buzzkill, and batshit crazy, but more famous than his boss. Takes interrogation to another level and leaves his victims deranged and totally insane, though, this seems to reveal little to no information.
*'''Sapphon''': High-Interrogator of the Dark Angels, at odds with Asmodai over practically everything. Supposed to be the head honcho, but Asmodai doesn't give a shit.
*'''[[Grimaldus]]''': Reclusiarch of the [[Black Templars]]. A seriously hardcore bastard who defended Helsreach and all-around [[awesome]] character. Took an a sizable WAAAAAAGH with a meager garrison, said some mean ass shit, and beat the crap out of countless orks.