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Notable Chaplains
*'''[[Xavier]]''': Famous [[Salamanders]] Chaplain, meaning he's a major bro.
*'''[[Ortan Cassius]]''': Master of Sanctity for the [[Ultramarines]]. Responsible for the formation of the Tyrannic War Veterans, to better help combat the menace that [[Tyranids|almost devoured all of Ultramar]]. One of the few Ultramarine character who is not "THA BEST EVAR!" and thus an unsufferable Mary Sue. Also helped envision serious deviations from the Codex Astartes... but anyone who goes blow for blow with a carnifex and asks for seconds gets their opinions duly rewarded.
*'''[[Ulrik the Slayer]]''': High Wolf Priest of the [[Space Wolves]]. A wild bastard who survived the First War of Armageddon and also has [[Leman Russ]]' own helmet. Angron himself saluted this dude's combat prowessafter he curb stomped three Berzerkers completely unarmed.
*'''[[Kardan Stronos]]''': [[Iron Hands]] Iron Father. Was elected to act as Chapter Master by the clan council. Also has a massive boner for Razorbacks, and an equally large hate-boner for the [[Necrons]].
*'''[[Astorath]] the Grim''': [[Blood Angels]] Master of Sanctity and ''Redeemer of the Lost''. His job involves rounding up those in the [[Death Company]] and then lopping their heads off, as they're pretty much lost causes by that point. Gabriel Seth himself even said this dude was more than a match for him, and had to hurl him off a wall just to prove a point.