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Notable Chaplains
*'''[[Lemartes]]''': Blood Angels Chaplain who's badass enough to rein control over the [[Black Rage]]. Keeps an eye over the Death Company as ''Guardian of the Lost''. He is currently the second most 40K thing in 40K, being the patron saint of always being mind-shatteringly angry, closely beat out by the [[Eversor Assassin]].
*'''Mikelus''': [[Blood Ravens]] Reclusiarch who was said to have beaten the Necron Lord of Kronus...according to [[Davian Thule]]. Everyone else can attest to him dying like a bitch to the 'cron Lord's incredible amounts of [[cheese]]. But he was a nice honour guard member so it's okay.
*'''Carnak''': A Chaplain of the [[Imperial Fists]], from [[Ultramarines: The Movie]]. How do you stand out in a movie about the Ultrasmurfs? John Hurt has two words for you: '''"BURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRN, HERETICS!"'''
*'''Durendin''': Chaplain of the [[Grey Knights]] who appears in the first story of Justicar Alaric. Known for wielding [[awesome|relic nemesis force lightning claws]] passed down from the early days of the chapter.
*'''[[Diomedes]]''': Former Honor Guard Captain turned Chaplain in light of his never waving faith and loyalty in the emperor when the [[Blood Ravens]] chapter master went full-heresy. His great oratory skills spur on his brothers in the battle for baldness. Believes that in a mad age, the [[Angry Marines|madmen]] should lead the way.