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Notable Chaplains
*'''[[Diomedes]]''': Former Honor Guard Captain turned Chaplain in light of his never waving faith and loyalty in the emperor when the [[Blood Ravens]] chapter master went full-heresy. His great oratory skills spur on his brothers in the battle for baldness. Believes that in a mad age, the [[Angry Marines|madmen]] should lead the way.
*'''[[Soul Drinkers|Daenyathos]]''': The [[Spiritual Liege]] of the [[Soul Drinkers]] chapter and a [[Heresy|traitor]] who used his influence and reputation to turn the Soul Drinkers away from the Emperor. His vision was to rule the galaxy through suffering and the enslavement of Chaos. He turned the Soul Drinker's entire Reclusiam into his personal agents of corruption.
*'''[[Thalastian Jorus]]''': Pretender to the title of most awesome Chaplain to have ever lived in their 10 millenia of existence, for channelling the spirit of [[Sigismund]] (despite being a Blood Angel) and kicking [[Abaddon]]'s arse (despite being a Blood Angel).
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