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Iron Hands Iron Father: - Removing this because a Rosarius is objectively better than any non-relic AdMech protective forcefield.
===Iron Hands Iron Father===
Among the [[Iron Hands]], the Chaplains are known as an "Iron Father", which combines the role of Chaplain and [[Techmarine]] together, which reflects the Iron Hands heavy preference for augmentics. Also unique in the fact that they're completely separated from the Ecclesiarchy altogether, considering the chapter's predilection towards machinery and the like. The spat ended with them splitting off and the Iron Hands unable to have Rosarii. To compensate that, the Iron Hands have to fabricate their own equivalents using some special [[Adeptus Mechanicus]] schemes. Needless to say, when comparing the technological prowess of the Ecclesiarchy and the Mechanicus...
===Space Wolves Wolf Priest===