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Overview: - This doesn't make any sense and is just batshit retarded, so I'm changing it to what actually happened.
For all intents and purposes, just imagine a Space Marine, but even more fanatical and badass. He also has [[Indrick Boreale|great oratorical skills]] to make his brothers stop bitching and to pick up his knife then charge that [[Bloodthirster]] and stab him right in the balls because goddammit that's how you make the [[God-Emperor of Mankind|Emprah]] proud. [[Heresy|It is also suggested that Chaplains use their "oratory" skills for other purposes as well]], but these may just be rumours spread to question the MANLINESS of the Spess Mehreens. As an interesting aside chaplains seem to be more in-touch with their emotions than other Space Marines, seriously though if you listen to their lines in Dawn of War they sound like they're about to burst into manly tears of pride or rage; they must watch [[Fist of the North Star]] as part of training.
The [[Chaos Space Marine]] equivalent is the [[Dark Apostle]], most associated with the [[Word Bearers]]. Older fluff stated that only this was because Word Bearers could have them because no other Chaplains ever fell or will fall to were already those who were preaching about the Chaos... which later editions revealed gods before they'd even made it to be a lietheir position, since whereas the Chaplains in their present form only originally existed ''all other traitor legions (who were still all in'' favour of the Word Bearers in the first place. (They did start Imperium) refused to appear in other Legions after the Edict of Nikaea though. And that's not counting more recent Chapters going renegadeturn and were killed by their fellow legionnaires.) The [[Death Guard]] also have a sort of variants in FAIL|Of course this didn't stop Forgeworld from giving traitors the form of the [[Tallymenability to take Chaplains anyway.]].