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Wolf Priests are probably an oddity among the Space Wolves, since they can take multiple ranged options but no melee. They also have access to Chapter Relics, Terminator Armor and Runic Armor, other than having a 4++ thanks to the wolf talisman. Having the same stat line of regular chaplains, these guys are even more support-focused than their vanilla counterparts. Thanks to the half-apothecary gig, they give Feel No Pain(6+) to the unit they're in, along with Favoured Enemy, making them the perfect scrub-sitters, making the weakest units in your army able to hold their own in a fight, especially if supported by big numbers. Wolf Priests also have Counter Attack and Acute Sense, much like every other unit in a Space Wolf army.
Best use for a Wolf Priest is to stick them in a big Blood Claws unit (or even better, Swift Claws) and use them to target the opponent's infantry. Favoured Enemy allows you to use an abundance of plasma guns with relative safety and kinda makes up for the Blood Claws' WS3 and BS3, while FNP gives your guys a chance to last even against stronger opponents, at least for a while. Unfortunately, the lack of melee options means the Wolf Priest is not gonna be much useful in challenges against MEQs, so you better give him a Wolf Guard pack leader properly kitted for the task, while the Wolf Priest and the Blood Claws drown the rest of the enemy unit with the sheer amount of attacks.
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