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===Dark Angels Interrogator-Chaplain===
The [[Dark Angels]] and their successors have an extra rank for Chaplains who make it into the Inner Circle and learn the "truth" (or at least part of it) about the [[Fallen Angels]]. After passing several trials of the soul (the penalty for failure being death or worse), they interrogate (read: torture) captured Fallen Angels to try and force them to repent for their crimes. These "[[Interrogator-ChaplainsChaplain]]s" are extremely patient and resilient against the *cough* ''insidious lies'' of captured heretics, and will take as long as necessary to finally break them. To put this in perspective, the very best Interrogator-Chaplain that the Dark Angels ever had only managed to get ten Fallen to confess and repent over the course of 300 years of service.
===Iron Hands Iron Father===
===Alpha Legion Chaplains===
All Alpha legion chaplains are secretely Alpharius, just as all other Alpha Legionnaires are secretly Alpharius. or maybe not. They are used to spread propaganda and misinformation amongst Imperial citizens, though they might not be. Alpharius himself may have been a chaplain, though he might not have been.
===Primaris Chaplains===
The [[Primaris Marines]]' [[Primaris Chaplain|version]] basically function pretty much the same, the only notable differences are their appearance and their Crozius Arcanum.
==Notable Chaplains==
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