Dawn of Eldar

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Toned down the eld-fanboy trying to say that broken isn't broken.
The original draft of this page seemed to reflect only one user's views rather than those of the community, and so now has been redone. The common complaints against the Eldar and their specific units were pretty much undisputed, but now we've toned it down where necessary and added the cons/counters of the most [[skub]]by units.
Note: the eldar were - and are - massive amounts of [[cheese]]. Note how most of the counter-points added by the obvious Edlar player down below are either
A. That it can be killed by "massed amounts of heavy fire"; this is a moot point for two reasons. One, that goes for literally everything in the game. Two, you'd never get the chance of doing that, as the heavy advantage of the Eldar player *will* ensure that it's impossible to do just that.
B. That a given unit might just plain be better than most of it's counterparts, but "can be countered" - well, that doesn't really matter if it's just plain better to being with, now does it?
Further, most of the so-called counter-strategies demand that the player facing off against the elfdar already has a massive advantage - something they will never get if the eldar player has two opposable thumbs.
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