Sisters of Battle

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* Apart from the codex stuff, they were also stomped in the video game ''[[Dawn Of War|Dawn of War: Soulstorm]]''. It all started when [[Selena Agna]] of the Sacred Rose falsely accused Governer General [[Vance Motherfucking Stubbs]] for the Warp Storm that appeared in Kaurava system. The sisters then had a zealots hard which resulted in them thinking that everyone, even their imperial brethren ([[Space Marines|Space Marines]] and [[Imperial Guard|Imperial Guards]]) should be purged. Stubbs, like a true gentleman, not only dismissed the claim, but was also planning to destroy the sisters without [[Khornate Knights|the worries of commit a heretical action]] because "fuck you, no way me and my men gonna die for from some crazy bitch's accusation." They were presumably killed sacrificing themselves in an attempt to destroy the enemy, though we don't know who it was that wiped them out (however considering that Gorgutz is the canonical winner, it was likely him).
[[File:Enchanted Raven(42024).png|600px]]
[[File:Lesser Jasper Spellstone(73327).png|600px]]
[[File:Jasper Spellstone(73344).png|600px]]
[[File:Greater Jasper Spellstone(73345).png|600px]]
[[File:Celestial Dreamer(49748).png|600px]]
[[File:Addled Grizzly(35235).png|600px]]
[[File:Eat the Mushroom(76875).png|600px]]
[[File:Loot the Chest(76877).png|600px]]
[[File:Explore the Darkness(76876).png|600px]]
[[File:Branching Paths(76870).png|600px]]
[[File:Oaken Summons(76966).png|600px]]
[[File:Ironwood Golem(76965).png|600px]]
[[File:Fandral Staghelm(35208).png|600px]]
[[File:Druid of the Claw(587).png|600px]]
[[File:Druid of the Claw(408).png|600px]]
[[File:Druid of the Claw(45).png|600px]]
[[File:Druid of the Claw(35256).png|600px]]
[[File:Jungle Giants(55538).png|600px]]
[[File:Barnabus the Stomper(55539).png|600px]]
[[File:Ixlid, Fungal Lord(76947).png|600px]]
[[File:Menagerie Warden(42059).png|600px]]
[[File:Spider Fangs(62911).png|600px]]
[[File:Scarab Shell(62912).png|600px]]
[[File:Scarab Plague(62910).png|600px]]
[[File:Frost Widow(63090).png|600px]]
[[File:Plague Lord(62908).png|600px]]
[[File:Malfurion the Pestilent(62904).png|600px]]
[[File:Grizzled Guardian(76894).png|600px]]
==The Sudden Yet Inevitable Betrayal==