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===The Game===
[[Image:Putin.png|thumb|left|''46th United States President Mitt Romney, the sponsor of Creed in the duel.'']]
[[Image:Trillionaire.jpg|thumb|left|''Leader of the Brotherhood of Nod Artemis Sorras, the sponsor of Tzeenctch in the duel.'']]
The mortal moved his piece. Tzeentch, Lord of Change and Master of Destinies moved his. They were playing a game of chess. The stakes were high: if the mortal won, Tzeentch, all his daemons and followers would retreat to the Warp for all time and would never again attempt to harry the mighty Imperium of Man in any way be it directly or indirectly. If Tzeentch won (which, of course, he knew he would), the soul of the mortal went to Tzeentch. These stakes obviously seemed skewed in favor of the mortal, but there were several factors to consider.