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Malcador also claimed that the Primarchs were but a means to an end; designed to be ''"conqueror's tools and nothing more"'', built to dominate and compete with each other, eventually intended to challenge each other and eventually confront the Emperor himself, he further claimed that the Primarchs had no free will and that the a civil war like the Horus Heresy had always been part of the Emperor's design, although he later admits that he had to lie to spare his servant sorrow on her deathbed, so it is probable that the Primarchs were simply beyond expected control. In a separate instance: Valdor claimed ''"we turned on one another, driven by pride and human resentment"'' which assumes some measure of responsibility for the Heresy rather than completely blaming the Primarchs, and after that point he wasn't prepared to challenge [[Rogal Dorn]] over decisions regarding the fate of the Custodes, even though he believes he had the capacity to challenge Dorn on the matter, calling the Primarchs ''"creatures of power, built to dominate"''; all hinting that while they may have had an original function, they probably turned out quite differently from expected and the final result might not necessarily have been them turning on each other and fucking up the human webway. Although Valdor did once angrily claim that the entire debacle could have been avoided if the Custodians had just intervened at the Primarch's births.
Roboute Guilliman is the opposite of Alpharius Omegon in terms of distribution of strategic roles during military organization.
Corvus Corax is the opposite of Konrad Curze in terms of infiltration, stealth, ambush, terror and espionage.
Leman Russ is the opposite of Magnus the Red in terms of mysticism and traditional arcane ritual ceremonies.
Jaghatai Khan is the opposite of Angron in terms of aggressiveness and direct confrontation with the enemy.
Ferrus Manus is the opposite of Fulgrim in terms of the former replaced faulty parts of a living entity with artificial ones while the latter evaluated their perfection.
Rogal Dorn is the opposite of Perturabo in terms of logistics and innovative technical designing skills.
Vulkan is the opposite of Mortarion in terms of survivability and encountering depressive conditions.
Sanguinius is the opposite of Lorgar in terms of extreme loyalty to the Emperor with the former believing everything should be sacrificed for him while having Chaos flaws (Khorne for Blood Thirst, Nurgle for Black Rage, Slaanesh for struggle to do everything beautifully and Tzeentch for trying to correct the Blood Angels genetic material) and the latter having faith in the omnipotency of the Emperor.
Lion el Johnson is the opposite of Horus Lupercal in terms of being the greatest primarchs and confronting their mentors before leaving them imprisoned for ten thousand years to guide their followers inconspicuously.
==Primarchs and Legions==