Ogryn Brute

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Ogryn Brutes , whether vanilla, Khorne or Nurgle affiliated , are tough motherfuckers. They are essentially [[Chaos Spawn]] on steroids-OHGODNOOOOOOOOOAFBKDNOANJDJALIJDOASASDAARRRGHHH!....continuing on from my predecessor, each Brute is Fearless, with Hammer of Wrath and Rampage, which means with their base D6 attacks, [[Rape|you could potentially have 11 attacks per model on the charge.]] One brute can be upgraded to a Packmaster, which loses Rampage, but allows you to take up to 6 Chaos Hounds, which has some impressive combat stats (WS3 S5 T5 W2 I4 A3), and they allow you to roll 2D6 picking the highest for Sweeping Advance. They can be dedicated to chaos gods for about the price of a typical power fist, giving them either 2D6 picking the highest for their attacks (Khorne), Feel No Pain (5+, Nurgle), Fleet (Slaanesh), or an additional close combat weapon with Soul Blaze (Tzeentch). Additionally for a flat rate, you can give the squad Flak or Carapace armour, which means with Nurgle, they could be quite tough to kill. Overall, while a squad of 5 Nurgle Brutes with Carapace armour is looking at a whopping 360 points, but they’re likely to wreck anything they make it into combat with.