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On the tabletop
Some things of note come up with these unique psychic smile-inverters. First, having a 3+ invul means that they don't benefit from basically any degree of cover unless it completely blocks your enemy's line of sight. This means that Zoanthropes are independent of your Venomthrope-shrouded gaunt shields, for better or worse. The only reliable way to keep them from being focus-fired into psychic pink mist is to make sure nothing can shoot them at all.
Second, their Warp Blast power is a Warp Charge 2 attack. This means that to have a majority chance of success, you'll want to pour at least 4 or 5 warp charge dice into their psychic test. This gives them almost a 20% chance of [[Perils of the Warp|Perils]], but also takes more juice than they are generating for your army. While multiple smaller squads of Zopes can be an effective way to spread the pain around the board, keep in mind that you are getting fewer shots per successful manifestation of Blast, meaning the shots are less cost-effective. When you are trying to power more than two Zope squads, you can get seriously strapped for crackle, and you may find yourself unable to fire with all of them. The [[Neurothrope]] can save your bacon in this regard, generating you some extra points to zap with.
==In Last Stand==