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These orks have over-developed lungs and super-strong vocal cords so that they can [[Derp|yell really loud.]] Yes, you heard me right. They yell across Gargant-tops and over battlefield din to act as a telecommunications array. <strike>See, not all things that were retconned were too good to last.</strike> <span style='color:green;font-size:200%'>'''SHUDDUP STOOPID HUMIE, WHUT DO YOU KNOW?!?!?! SHOUTAS IZ DA BEST!!!!!!!'''</span>
<span style='color:lightgreenpurplen;font-size:300%'>'''YOU'Z CALL DAT SHOUTIN'? YOU'Z AIN'T A REEL SHOUTA, YA GIT!'''
<span style='color:forestgreenpurple;font-size:700%'>'''A REAL SHOUTA DROWNS OUT DA COMPUTISHUN!'''</span>
<span style='color:lightgreenpurple;font-size:1000%'>'''I Konkur!'''
<span style='color:darkgreenpurple;font-size:1550%'>'''WAAAGH!!!'''
Anyone caught messing with this section again will get their shit handed to them. Do you know how fucking hard it is to make sure this shit is right? I can't do this AND dodge those fucking Orks. I'm a janitor, not a FUCKING NINJA!----as planned
<span style='color:green;font-size:100%'>'''See, iffin' you'z had sum of dat purpley paint, dis wouldn' be a problem now, would it?'''</span>
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