Warhammer 40,000/Tactics/Blood Angels(7E)

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**'''Lemartes:''' The resident Zen berserker maniac Chaplain of the Death Company (and sadly unlike [[Arjac Rockfist]] or [[Lukas the Trickster]] or Boss Snikrot, having a DC doesn't make him a free option), Lemmy's weapon change to a power maul in 6th Ed seems like it's nerfed him somewhat, but the moment he gets wounded he gains a +1 bonus to strength and an extra attack. With his special rule, you're looking at <s>5</s> 6 Str 8 AP 4 attacks on the charge, which can be useful. However, he does not come cheaply (though he's 20 points cheaper than before), and like all Chaplains he no longer gives re-rolls to-wound. Use him only if you'll need those bonus attacks and can ensure that he won't die too fast (though FNP does help a bit)[He takes a full elites slot just for himself. ffs.].
*'''Death Company Dreadnought:''' Has been taken down several pegs; now that it's ElitesSimilar to the Furioso, it can't score so you actually have to choose between a survivable and pricey dread or one that'll die but take a squad down with iteven more raep. On the plus side, it -does- get one more attack than a Furioso (two on the charge, Can score now thanks to <s>fc</s> rage)7th ed, though no luck on Objective Secured. Blood Talons are the go-to choice here allowing your DC dread to maximize the damage done from landing all those attacks. If you wanted anti-tank consider a Furioso or something else instead.
*'''Dreadnought:''' Blood Angels love Dreadnoughts, and you should too. The assault cannon is probably the most cost-effective shooting weapon available to them, and replacing the standard storm bolter with a heavy flamer can't hurt either. You can kit them out for tank-hunting, but other units can easily fill that role, too. They're no slouches in melee either (unless you were a fool and swapped the DCCW for a missile launcher) but it can't compare to the Furioso pattern when it comes to well and truly fucking something's shit up. Instead, try doubling up on TLACs for long-range support - there's a reason as to why rifleman dreadnoughts suddenly proliferated many a Space Marine list.
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