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On the Tabletop
==On the Tabletop==
Now with all of that said, he doesn't quite have Primarch-level stats, but that's to be expected because he doesn't have a Primarch-level pricetag either. T4 and 3 wounds is kinda meh; Eternal Warrior with 2+ <s>3++</s> 4++ is less meh. The thing that hurts him the most, however, is his lack of Independent Character, so you've basically got a golden jump-pack [[DISTRACTION CARNIFEX]] at the same cost as a Land Raider. However, he can take a sanguinery sanguinary priest to give him a bodyguard, and FnP. He gives all units within 6" +1Attack, so keep him near death compamy company for extra rape. He can <s>buff kne one friendly sargeant sergeant to have +1 W, I, A, Ws, </s> and can reroll failed to hits/wounds <s>against a single enemy HQ</s> during any and all challenges. This makes him capablenof taking on (as far as I know) ANY Hq capable of threatening almost any HQ in the game, if not necessarily killing the higher-end ones.
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