Warhammer 40,000/7th Edition Tactics/Tau

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Special Characters
====Special Characters====
*'''Aun'Va, Master of the Undying Spirit:''' The popestick got a huge buff! Roll equal to or over a weapon's AP to ignore wounds? Auto-pass against AP1? Enemy railguns/death rays/tachyon arrows/meltas can eat shit and die. And since it technically doesn't count as a save, even ''fucking Destroyer weapons'' are ignored! However, you can't roll against AP- so Tesla will still ruin your day (You only have a 5+ normal armour save). Only 100pts? Vetock, you are a god. OK, so the bodyguards are still meh but they're better than they used to be. 5+ saves combined with the Paradox's harder-you-hit-it-harder-it-is invulnerable "fuck you save " gives the whole unit a variable amount of protection. He also gets 2 ethereal bubble abilities per turn, which either give Stubborn, Fnp(6+), +1 pulse weapon shot in half range or snap shots after running. His massive, multiple buffs are just awesome. He also provides a table wide re-roll for any morale checks, anything in Tau codex. That shit is money.
*'''Aun'Shi:''' Brought back from 3rd edition into 6th. Shi is essentially a close combat HQ (albeit a modest one) in an otherwise shooty army. Despite being double the points of a regular Honor Blade Ethereal, he at least comes with a saving throw, a 4+ invul save to boot. Always use patient hunter in CC, because re-rollable 4++ is hilarious. He is basically an Ethereal with the weaknesses removed for a price bump -- so make good use of those elemental invocations -- but beware of anyone with strength 6 or over, because you'll be insta-killed.
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