Flayed Ones

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On the tabletop
== On the tabletop ==
They mostly suck. They're Elites (one of the most competitive slots in the Necron army), they have one of the few 4+ armor saves in an army of [[MEQ]]s, they can only do close combat but only have Initiative 2, they can't take transports, and they can't score (they can now, thanks to 7th Edition!). What they can achieve is based on their cheap price (same price as [[Necron Warriors]]), large squad size and their ability to Deep Strike and Infiltrate; basically, you field them (along with Warriors and [[Scarab Swarms]] if you want to play Necrons horde-style. But if you want to play horde-style, why are you playing Necrons? Maynarkh Dynasty/"Dark Harvest" supplement from Imperial Armor fixed almost all of their problems. They can be Troops so as not to fight for an Elites slot, being Troops lets them score/gain Objective Secured, their squad cap raises to 20 so they'll be around long enough to tarpit properly, and they can buy Flensing Scarabs to reroll failed to-wound rolls for a turn.
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