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In one instance in the [[Ophidium Gulf Crusade|fluff]] he was being pursued by the combined efforts of a single Black Templar vessel and a Dark Angel fleet. Even though the Black Templar single-handedly managed to apprehend Cypher because they get shit done, the Dark Angel fleet threatens to destroy the Black Templar ship if they won't hand over their prisoner. Begrudgingly, the Templar ship hands over Cypher, starts to send a short message to their High Marshal and then "mysteriously disappears without a trace". Likely into a thousand tiny pieces because the Dark Angels are dishonest, team killing fuck-tards who commit treason to hide evidence of their treason. The smug Dark Angels then proceed to fly back home, thinking mission accomplished until they arrive and find the cell containing Cypher to be empty. Poof motherfuckers.
[[File:Cypher.png|700px|thumb|center|Cypher: The most renegade of all badasses or most badass of all renegades.]]
Oh, and according to [[Gav Thorpe]]'s latest novel, the Dark Angels "captured" him againCypher has tracked down a Ravenwing squad, killed an enemy Fallen, willingly thrown down his pistols, though this time he needs to speak and demoands to meet with the Inner Circle.The book ends right there.. Normally this is where we'd [[RAGE|cliffhanger]]at the cliffhanger, but Gav promises a resolution to this in 2015.
==List of Cypher's Achievements / Troll-List==
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