Warhammer 40,000/7th Edition Tactics/Tau

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Warlord Traits
#'''Precision of the Skilled Hunter:''' Enemies can't use Look Out, Sir! when shot at by your Warlord. Useful for sniping the enemy Warlord if he is a coward and a fewl and hides in a [[METAL BOXES|METAL BAW]]- I mean, if he hides in a unit.
#'''Through Unity, Devastation:''' For one Shooting phase, all Tau within 12" reroll To Hit rolls of 1. Particularly useful if you're deploying as a nice castled up gunline, then your first turn of shooting just gets magnificent. Especially if you combine with Markerlights. Note that in 7th edition, there now exists a warlord trait in the base rulebook (Target Priority from the Command Traits table) that provides the exact same benefit but is not single-use. Meaning this trait just became far less special.
::* ## However, this can be situationally extremely useful, provided the situation is lots of Gets Hot weapons. Imagine a XV104 Riptide firing a heavy burst cannon on full nova-charge, while a hammerhead gunship overcharges its ion cannon, supported by pathfinders overcharging their ion rifles? Anything targeted by this combination is dead, ''dead'', '''dead''', and you run (statistically very low to) no risk to yourself while this is in effect. Some [[cheese]]monger who concentrates all their points in some kind of super-unit will explode with [[rage]] when hit by this. Get your tearcup.
#'''A Ghost Who Walks Among Us:''' The Warlord and his unit move 3d6" with their Jet Packs. It makes them much less likely to have a snake-eyed fail of a thrust move. Commander Shadowsun gets this trait by default if taken as your warlord.
#'''Exemplar of the Selfless Cause:''' Once per game, all units that have gone to ground stand back up and act normally. This means you can weather a turn of enemy shooting, then stand right back up and shoot him in the face; needless to say, this is one of the better Warlord Traits. Aun'va gets this trait by default if taken as your warlord.
#'''Targeting Array''': +1 BS. Could be useful in conserving Markerlights if you're going economical with them.
#'''Stealth Shielding''': All cover is improved by +1 to a 3+ Cover Save. Expect to spam this to keep them running.
#'''Marker Plane''': Any targets within 12" gain d3 Markrlights Markerlights in exchange for shooting. Rejoice as you give your troops an opening to kill with.
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