Warhammer 40,000/Tactics/Blood Angels(7E)

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Warlord Traits
#'''Soulwarden:''' - Warlord gains the Adamantium Will USR. Mephiston and Astorath have this, which makes one of them a Denying machine.
#'''Descent of Angels:''' - Warlord gains the old 1d6" scatter rule, which everyone will miss. Dante has this.
#'''Heroic Bearing:''' - Warlord grants Fearless to all units within 12"''(all friendly? or just all friendly Blood Angels?)''. Sanguinor has this. As usual, nice for when things go tits-up too soon.
===Fighter Aces===
===Baal Strike Force Detachment===
The Codex-exclusive formation makes an elite choice mandatory, and then gives you a spare elite slot to mess with alongside the basic FOC. Aside from the mandatory WT re-roll, you also gain +1 Initiative on the charge for EVERYONE (if there's no Disorganized Charges), which is a seriously big deal for an assault-heavy army like this. Issue is that while army-wide +1 I is awesome, it feels like you give up something important (ObSec) for little in return, especially with the Elites slot being the most clogged of the army.
==Wargear & Powers==
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