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Unfortunately this zeal to track down Fallen has led his chapter into some big troubles, like where he countermanded a Captain's orders and diverted a Dark Angels strike force from their position fighting Orks to investigate rumours of a "remarkable warrior". It turned out that warrior was in fact an [[Inquisitor]] of the Ordos Xenos, and that the Dark Angels unauthorised repositioning had cost the allied [[Silver Skulls]] most of their army. Not only that, but the Inquisitor returned to the Silver Skulls homeworld to explain exactly what happened and demand assistance in punishing the Dark Angels for their behaviour. Wisely ''(and partly for fear of going head-to-head with the Unforgiven)'' the Silver Skulls [[Chapter Master]] instead requested that [[Azrael]] come and explain himself personally. So Azrael had to set aside his duties for a time to go and apologise for what happened. During that time Asmodai was grounded under lock and key until the Supreme Grand Master got home to decide what to do with him. When Azrael returned to [[the Rock]] and asked if Asmodai was sorry yet, Asmodai responded that he was sorry he didn't kill the Inquisitor when he had the chance.
At some point, Asmodai was passed up for promotion to High Chaplain, despite his seniority in age and the respect/fear he has earned within his Chapter. The position instead went to the much younger and more conservative '''Sapphon'''(who is secretly not conservative at all and is tasked with the curse of being the Chapter's most radical, which unorthodox member). Asmodai openly states this was a bad idea in his opinion, since he sees Sapphon as weak and indulgent. In comparison, Sapphon ''(and most of the other Inner Circle Masters)'' sees Asmodai as psychologically unstable and a destabilising destabilizing influence on others.
[[Azrael]] has had to rein him in or cover up for some of his more excessive actions, but he keeps Asmodai around because, say what you will about his sense of humour (or lack of it), he delivers -- if there's a Fallen Angel (or even someone who might know something about a Fallen Angel) out there, he ''will'' track it down.
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