Warhammer 40,000/Tactics/Grey Knights(7E)

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Special Characters
*'''Brother-Captain [[Arvann Stern]]''' - A solid close-combat character, pretty much a standard Brother-Captain with a force sword, with two gimmicks. His first gimmick is the Strands of Fate ability, in which he can reroll a single to-hit, to-wound, or saving throw per turn; however, for every such roll you take, [[Tzeentch|your opponent also gets to make the same kind of roll]]. Don't go abusing it or a canny opponent will use it to screw you over. He now has a special version of Banishment that allows him to reduce the Invulns of ALL Daemons within 12" of him. Give him some room to fire it and they will fall.
*'''[[Castellan Crowe]]''' - Your average Brotherhood Champion with a better statline, some extra toys (like Cleansing Flame) and +17% points. Sacrifices Nemesis Force Weapon for a generic Close Combat Weapon. He has IC now, but the cost means that he no longer triggers anything in enemies. He's still pretty beastly, especially with Hammerhand, to make that not hurt in most cases. He uses both champion stances at the same time, so he gets Smash in addition to re-rollable 2+/4++ saves while in challenges. Remember that with Smash you can choose to attack only once at double strength, which is instant death vs most opponents that aren't Monstrous Creatures. Also remember that Smash gives you AP2 regardless of which attack mode you choose, overriding the Sword's natural AP nil, so keep him in a challenge if you want to see results. He is pretty good vs generic enemy characters, but does worst against things that could take him out in one shot, since even with a re-rollable 4++ will eventually fail him. He probably works best in a unit of GKT with a couple of hammers on a Stormraven.
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