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The Zoanthrope is a tall, slender creature with an oversized cranium that makes up more than half its mass and about half its body length. The Zoanthrope's head is far too large for its body: if it were a natural creature its would snap under the weight of the noggin. But the Tyranids do not obey the laws of nature: the massive brain housed by the head serves as a relay for the massive psychic power of the [[Hive Mind]], giving the Zoanthrope awesome psychic powers. What powers you ask? How about the power of flight? That do anything for ya? That's levitation, Holmes. How about the power to kill a yak, from 200 yards away... with mind bullets! That's telekinesis, Kyle. How about the power... to move you?
Sorry for that. But Tenacious D did all but perfectly describe the Zoanthrope's abilities in their song Wonderboy. With their powers they can float (but not that high off of the ground), they can shoot holes the size of a [[Predator Tank]] in a Predator Tank (or melt small groups of [[MEQ]]s), and have the power to move you. With "you" meaning "your creatures that have Instinctive Behavior" because the Zoanthrope is a Synapse Creature. It also has a strong forcefield surrounding it, meaning that it has a good chance to shrug off otherwise lethal shots. And in older editions there were almost as good as [[Warriors]] at fighting. Like any Psyker, the Zoanthrope is vulnerable to brain overload and subsequent exploding craniums (or as [[Orks]] call it; 'eadbanging). If this happens the creature's brains burn out and it falls to the ground like a grotesque deflating balloon.
<s>One Zoanthrope called "The Doom of Malan'tai" evolved to feed off of psychic energy. It got the name after singlehandedly destroying Craftworld Malan'tai when it drained the Infinity Circuit.</s> Not anymore, But according to recent developments this is just some completely nondescript Tyranid that is in no way a Zoanthrope and creature has never been because that would imply that someone can make a model for him and not have thought to buy from [[GW]]. Now if you would be so kind as to ready your wallets, we have this brand the progenitor of a new sub-species of Zoanthrope called the [[Neurothrope]] to offer you.
==On the tabletop==