Codex - Tyranids: /tg/ edition

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*'''Shadow in the Warp'''
*'''Synapse Creature'''
*'''Aeons of Experience:''' The Swarmlord may generate two three warlord traits, from one or different warlord trait charts. Alternatively may choose to generate mind eater and synaptic lynch-pin warlord traits.
*'''Alien Cunning:''' Whilst the Swarmlord is alive, you must add 1 to your Reserve Rolls.
*'''Psychic Monstrosity:''' The Swarmlord's synapse range and shadow in the warp range is the same as its synapse rangeare increased by 6".
*'''Swarm Leader:''' At the beginning of your turn, choose either the Swarmlord’s unit, or one friendly unit from Codex: Tyranids within the Swarmlord's synapse range. Then, choose one of the following special rules: Furious Charge, Monster Hunter, Tank Hunter, or Preferred Enemy. The chosen unit has that special rule until the end of the turn.
*'''Suppress Instincts:''' All Codex:Tyranids units within the Swarmlord's synapse range can voluntarily go to ground, despite being Fearless, unless some other rules prevent them from going to ground. Once per game all Codex:Tyranids units within the Swarmlord's synapse range that has gone to ground may move, shoot and charge normally, while they remain within synapse range.
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