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[[File:Harridan2.jpg|380px|thumb|right|<s>That Ork is about to have a bad day</s> Nope, he would most likely try to loot it, and mostly succeed in doing it too...]]
Harridans are one type of the fuck huge [[Tyranid]] Bio-Titans. Harridans however, are fuck huge Bio-Titans with wings. Because they're mostly airborne their legs have been reduced to stumps, and for some reason the moment they land is like a death sentence since they cannot take-off again... [[What|Yes, despite having EXBOXHUGE Wings they still have the same weakness as ordinary boring albatross birds.]] The Hivemind Whether this is still trying to an absurd [[Derp|]] that the Hive Mind greatly needs to fix , or whether this absurd problem]] is just maximum efficiency (Master of genetics and evolution my ass, pffftmost Harridans don't hit the ground until they're already dead)is up for debate.
They're basically a fucking insect dragon IN SPHESS!
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