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Because of the short range of their powers they have to come dangerously close to both their target. This is why you should either keep them close to [[Venomthrope]]s or provide enough [[DISTRACTION CARNIFEX|distractions]] so they are not shot to death in one turn. It used to be that you could put them in [[mycetic spores]] and [[Deep Strike]] them behind whatever you wanted gone, but the [[6th edition (Warhammer 40,000)|6th edition]] codex lacks mycetic spores entirely. And while they have a 3+ invulnerable save they still have a 1/3 chance to die to a single [[Missile Launcher|Krak Missile]]. Neither should you forget that they can be tied up in combat if they get charged: they are not very good at fighting and will stick in combat longer than you'd like. As they are Synapse Creatures, they will keep your Gaunts controlable, which is always nice but again remember the range on their weapons and that they are not as fast as [[Hormagaunt]]s. And while a single shot is likely to deal great damage to a target is is not guaranteed it will be destroyed: as such it is smart to take several of these in a single brood.
==In [[Last Stand]]==In [[Last Stand]], these things are assholes: Giant, flaming assholes. They do enormous damage, have immense knockback, a huge area-of-effect, and are remarkably durable for a floating snake-brain thing. They are the bane of every [[Last Stand - Lord General|Lord General]], since they can effectively one-shot the entire minion squad a General may have with him. They are, thankfully, easy prey for Sniper Rifle rounds and Shotgun solid slugs, and are a perfect target for a Chaos Sorcerer who is has the Improved Summoning wargear to clone.