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Playing catfolk is totally furry, dude. --[[User:Carcer|Carcer]] 15:40, 29 June 2008 (UTC) :Agreed. Playing PornArowl <a catfolk doesn't make you href=>coach factory online</a dog-raping otherkin fursuit-wearing furry, but it's still furry. -[[User:Destro|Destro]]>  :And this is clearly stated in the article itself. But there's no list of things that do make you furry, and I suppose the link to be necessary in the article. [[User:Fatum|Fatum]] 16:01, 29 June 2008 (UTC) :My Cthulu the typos. Edited the page to fix them. Oh and catfolk are totally furry. [[User:Anonykota|Anonykota]]::There was one typo, well spotted. The rest were the result of your inferior grasp of english, and have been corrected. -[[User:Destro|Destro]]:I like how we're editing TedIdendBen <a page about furries without any incident, but the 4th edhref=>coach. board is com</a never ending battle. --[[User:Anonykota|Anonymous]] 00:04, 30 June 2008 (UTC)>  Thats because we have been bitching about this for years now, while 4e BAWWWWing is GroopydopeGer <a relatively fresh and potent source of trollbait and nerdrage. Apparently the "new and shiny" rule applies to trolling --[[User:Zalocx lord of elfags|Zalocx lord or elfags]]:I thought it applied to everything on the Internet, because underage b&s are everywhere. - [[User:Ahri|Ahri]] 20:47, 30 June 2008 (UTC) Just crying here about the fact that Rat Ass never got off. /me cries single tear. --[[User:Seventhseal|Seventhseal]] 01:06, 20 May 2009 (UTC):I feast on your suffering. [[User:Fatum|Fatum]] 22:38, 20 May 2009 (UTC)  Why do we even display the art?! It just vindicates the furfag!! All images here should be of SPESS MEHREENS killing furrys or something! Because the Inquisition needed something for the Imperial Primer. Know thy enemy, so you may kill it. -- [[User:Jaimas|Jaimas]] 02:38 May 26 2011 (EST) <shref=>Someones grumpy, have some tea!coach factory online</sa> '''*BLAM*''' How about no. -- [[User:Mr. Spooky|Mr. Spooky]] 09:17 May 26 2011 (EST) [[File:HeresyStamp.png|200px]] The former pic has been excised due to Heresy.   So what's with the pic and the: "/tg/ bitches about anthromorphic animals all the time in sci-fi and fantasy settings, yet they have Peastevumma <a insatiable fetish for cat women in skimmpy armourhref=>coach." I don't get. Did I miss something, am I supposed to know this cat or what? A play on how com</tg/ supposedly hates this abominable shit and yet we have a gif of two furfags fucking each other you shit-smeared mongoloid. Slap a fucking NSFW tag here you cunts, you have an animated GIF of a furfag bitche raping someone. :You went to a page called "furry" and thought it would be safe for work? What do you do for a living, make fursuits? [[User:Tim|Tim]] 08:41, 17 May 2012 (BST)>
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