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Boardgames are ones where physical tokens are moved around, and their position relative to each other is significant to gameplay. Hi nto All Usually one of the tokens is a surface that the other tokens are placed on top of -- this is called the 'board'Please, and is not itself moved as part of play. Some boardgames will have multiple 'board' tokens, that move relative to each other. ... which is all just a highbrow smartarse way of saying "this is the shit like Monopoly and Risk and Candyland." You might be looking for [[give me some info about actual now dating sites:Category:Card Games|Card Games]]mens, where the tokens are things with text or symbols written on themwomens, and the symbols on the tokens are more important than the position of the tokensteens. (or, if your less of a dick than I am, "the other games like Poker and Magic:TheGathering are in another category.")With best regards
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