Space Wolves Venerable Dreadnought

Even in death, I am still a Furry.

The Super Vikings when they are rendered beyond inoperable would get interred into a Dreadnought so they can continue to Viking when they Viking! Certain renowned Wolfies are so god damned badass that they get a automatic upgrade to become a Venerable Dreadnought, but not any normal Venerable Dreadnought, but a Venerable Dreadnought so cock-full of Viking stereotypes that it becomes its very own unique walker.


What separates the Space Wolves' Venerable Dreadnought from the others is their very own unique weapons they usually wield. Other than the blatant Furry costumes they wear which looks strait out of a Furry Convention.

These Dreadnoughts carry the infamous Fenrisian Great Axe and the absolutely ridiculous Blizzard Shield (A overly enlarged, heavy-duty storm shield) which makes absolutely no god damned sense since the chassis of a Dreadnought is already tough enough to tank shots that could cripple a Leman Russ Battle Tank, so having a shield is pretty damned redundant when you could replace it with another weapon.


Anyways, these Dreads are 20pts more than a regular Dreadnought and gain WS2+, BS2+, and 6+++FNP, which is typical to most Venerable Dreadnoughts. Of course it is unique due to its weapons. First of all, we start with the giant axe. The Fenrisian Great Axe has two killing modes: Scythe, which doubles their number of attacks that hit at S6, AP-3, D1, or Cleave, which causes -1 to their to-hit rolls, but hits at S10, AP-3, Dd6. Always taken with a Dreadnought-sized storm shield known as a blizzard shield, and removes all ranged options. Than there is the Great Wolf Claw which when compared to the conventional Dreadnought Power Fist, is a S10 AP-2, D3 but re-rolling to-wound rolls. The third unique weapon is the Helfrost Cannon. Unfortunately, as cool as a concept as the Helfrost Cannon is, it is pretty underwhelming: Dispersed, it's worse than the plasma cannon. Focused, it's worse than the lascannon; might as well take either of the other two weapons instead.

Tl;dr, it is a close combat specialist Dreadnought. Much like the Blood Angels' Furioso Dreadnought, but much more wolfy.

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